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Westhill’s overriding vision is to provide you with the most advantageous investments based on how you want your portfolio managed. We combine rock-solid traditional values with a contemporary culture of entrepreneurial drive and dedication. Westhill’s approach is marked by a unique, bespoke stance toward investment advisory.

We look for hidden opportunity in a world of also-rans to deliver the kind of solutions that preserve and build wealth in an ever-changing market where risk is a fact of life. We provide innovative asset management that serves your objectives at every turn.

Our account managers lead the industry with the utmost adherence to prudent investment practices that leverage the cutting edge of contemporary market analysis informed by ongoing research and focus. We create customized investment plans designed to meet your individual aspirations and needs, working with you to create a practical, thoughtful plan to build upon your existing wealth.


Effective asset management demands deep knowledge to achieve expected results, but it’s not always an easy proposition as to where to invest or how to maneuver in an opaque, fluid market. Often when navigating these capricious waters, the best course to reach your financial destination is hard to define. What’s best: real estate, equities, precious metals, aggressive, conservative, balanced?

More importantly, who or what do you trust to help you set the course to reach your financial ambitions? The media offers a varied daily menu of alternatives, but no real answers. Advisors often harbor biases that do not mesh with your financial objectives. How can you balance your investment approach and structure your portfolio for maximum returns while minimising risk? Can an individual investor prevail in an ever-changing market with a profusion of options?

Westhill cultivates industry leading knowledge built on deep experience with a track record of success. We combine experience with ongoing research and diligence to arrive at fresh insights for our clients.


At Westhill, we manage client portfolios based on two principles: a deep and expanding foundation of market acumen combined with adherence to a simple code of placing your needs first. We are your partner in building a satisfying life underwritten by financial security.

Once we assess and understand your current financial situation in light of your life goals, we create a strategic plan tailored to expand your ability to meet those objectives. As we develop our advisory relationship, Westhill is committed to providing ongoing service, to help you adjust your growth plan in concert with changes in your personal life or career.

As your financial advisor we continually take the pulse of, and keep you informed of, ongoing market conditions, providing guidance on the most appropriate course to manage your investments.We maintain absolute fidelity with where you want to go, dispense advice on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of a disciplined approach to realising your dreams.


Westhill Consulting

Westhill recommends investment management solutions

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How Westhill Builds Your Investment Portfolio

When you work with Westhill, our account managers and strategic investment advisors develop a deep understanding of your circumstances to build positive momentum for your future. Based on your information, we draft your basic plan including several scenarios to suggest new approaches designed to meet your current and future financial objectives.

Westhill Consulting


Our account management approach delivers the best, most intelligent advice while remaining consistent with the support you expect — all this by one of the most knowledgeable and proven advisory teams in the financial industry.

Westhill Consulting


Smart and timely, with the stability to offer solid returns over the long haul, our solutions are drawn from detailed ongoing analysis and thorough research of unique, high-return opportunities often overlooked, yet with solid fundamentals.

Westhill Consulting


We are committed to full transparency through timely communication. We work diligently to respect your time while keeping the investment process simple with through open, candid dialogue about your status, goals and questions.

Westhill Consulting


Westhill provides objective, comprehensive financial direction. We focus on well-researched financial recommendations structured to provide honest, expert advice based on your financial goals.

Westhill Consulting


We work with you to develop an understanding of your financial status – where you are and where you want to go. This critical first step is essential to our financial planning process.

Westhill Consulting


Your strategy is comprised of daily, monthly, and annual steps that preserve and expand your holdings. Each plan is tailored to your situation and is entirely unique and designed to maximize long-term growth and near term returns.

Westhill Consulting

Our approach mandates honest, expert advice

based on your financial goals

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At Westhill our team of advisors keep your personal goals at the centre of the process and work with you to achieve them. We can help you develop and then execute a plan that represents what you care about most, and we will provide our best judgment, guidance, and support to implement that plan.

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Relevant, open source publications of interest to prospective global investors. Check back often for updates and Westhill thought leadership.
Westhill Consulting

Global Banking Outlook

Ernst & Young

The first half of 2012 was characterized by growing uncertainty over the future of the Eurozone. A commitment by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi to protect the euro restored a little optimism.

Westhill Consulting

2013 Outlook

Asian Development Bank

Developing Asia’s economies are returning to healthy growth. In the face of continued sluggishness in the US, the euro area, and Japan, the region is finding ways to bolster its resilience.

Westhill Consulting

World Economic Outlook

International Monetary Fund

The World Economic Outlook analysis and projections are integral elements of the IMF’s surveillance of developments in international financial markets, and of the global economic system.

Westhill Consulting

Gold Forecast 2013


Gold’s bull market paused between September 2011 and 2012, but another up leg seems to be getting underway. Given the concern over EU and US debt and the quantitative easing, we remain bullish for Gold.

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